Step by step guide#

Learn the basics of creating a project, to managing datasets and models. We’ll be focusing on using the Efemarai CLI. You can fetch the latest version by running pip install --upgrade efemarai and you’ll be ready to go.

Checking user status#

To test everything is working and you can proceed below, run

efemarai status

Note: efemarai and ef can be used interchangably and can be used as a shorthand.

Running the status check you’ll get the positive response as

Checking wonderful-user @
✔ Status: Success

Great! You are set and ready to go (and you can scroll to the bottom to create your first project)!

Connecting user#

If it is the first time you’ve run the command, or it’s a new machine, you’ll have to initialize the system, such that it can recognize the user. To do so, run

efemarai init

Fill in the necessery information that you’ve used when registering to the platform.

🚀  Welcome to Efemarai!

Username: wonderful-user <you-username-here>
Password:  <type-in-your-password>
Platform URL ( <if you have a personal deployment, change the URL with the one specified by us>

⚙ Saving config in /home/username/.config/efemarai/config.yaml

That should be all and you’ll now be able to sucessfully check your user status as above.

Let’s go ahead and create our first project.