2. Create Dataset#

When you work on a particular ML problem you tend to use multiple datasets – a train and a test one as a bare minimum. That’s why one can define multiple datasets per Efemarai project. Each dataset can then be used for baseline evaluation or stress testing.


Here is a quick example defining a local dataset to be uploaded to Efemarai.

  - name: Road Signs Dataset
    format: COCO
    stage: train
    data_url: "road-signs-dataset/images"
    annotations_url: "road-signs-dataset/images/instances.json"

After you have added the following code snippet to your efemarai.yaml file, you should be able to create a dataset via our CLI.

efemarai dataset create efemarai.yaml

or if you’re using the standard name as above, you can simply type

efemarai dataset create .

Once executed, you will see the new dataset uploaded to the system.

Loaded dataset