5. Create Domain#

Let’s build our first domain. The domain is a sequence of steps that modify your existing data, such that those encompass better all the variability and the messiness you expect your model to see and handle in the real world.

Click on the Domain tab and select New Domain. There you’ll see pre-populated the steps of Choosing an image and Evaluating it. On the left, you’ll see grouped a variety of transformations that can be applied.

Let’s select the Blur transformation and drop it between the two existing blocks. Clicking on the edit button, you can now select the ranges, which this transformation can be applied. The three images show the original sample, min corresponds to all axes selected with their minimum value and max - their maximum value. Toggling an axis to fixed, makes that axis non-searchable and uses that value that has been selected.

Video showing the blur transformation added to the domain.