In order to stress test a model an operational domain needs to be defined. While operational domains can be manually created, we recommend using the UI and then export the domain as a YAML file.


Here is a very simple domain with a single axis of data variability which specifies the range of expected blur levels:

  - name: Example Domain
      - name: ChooseImage
        operator: ChooseImage
        axes: []

      - name: Blur
        operator: Blur
          - name: blur
            type: int
            range: [3, 11]
            choices: []
            fixed: False

      - name: EvaluateSample
        operator: EvaluateSample
        axes: []
      - [ChooseImage, Blur]
      - [Blur, EvaluateSample]


  • name: unique name of the operational domain

  • transformations: list of transformations specifying the axes of data variability

  • graph: list of edges specifying the computational DAG for the operational domain. Each edge contains two transformation names [from_transfromation, to_transformation] describing the flow of how the underlying data is processed by the specified transformations.